In-Person Learning

Bronx Arena has created a consistent instructional model where students must complete two challenges and a capstone project to demonstrate competency within a course. Students in each classroom might be working on a variety of different courses, but each course is anchored in this approach, creating a more consistent experience. Students are supported by generalist teachers and Advocate Counselors during the majority of their school day and receive support from content specialists as needed.


Technology is the backbone of blended learning at Bronx Arena. With an average of 27 students in each classroom, it is crucial to create individualized instruction plans for each student. Bronx Arena built a custom learning management system, as well as custom curriculum, to create an environment where every student can work on a different course at the same time. This approach also requires a 1:1 device ratio.


Blended learning occurs throughout the entire day at Bronx Arena. Students spend 90 minutes in learning labs and four hours in Arenas each day. Students have choice over their coursework during each of these time blocks and are able to move through the work at their own pace.

Real-Time Data Use

Data at Bronx Arena is highly transparent and made available to students and staff. Both can track student progress through courses in the tracker, a custom-built data system, which also shows student attendance and productivity metrics. Transparent data empowers students to own their learning and enables open and honest conversations when students fall short of learning goals.


Each student at Bronx Arena has a truly personalized learning experience. As a transfer school, Bronx Arena welcomes students with a variety of credit needs, pursuing different sequences of courses to meet their graduation requirements. Students also have choice over their particular sequence of courses and are able to change the sequence based on their progress, strengths and weaknesses, and interests – among other reasons. Students receive ongoing academic support from a generalist teacher, social and emotional support from Advocate Counselors, and additional support as needed from subject-specific content specialists.

Mastery-Based Progression

Bronx Arena crafted their own competencies to better organize the academic experience for students. They have high-level competencies, such as analysis and thinking, as well as specific competencies that clearly illustrate how students can demonstrate mastery. Mastery thresholds are highlighted in rubrics for each course and are divided into three different levels: learning, functional, and nuanced.

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