In-Person Learning

ReNEW's math pilot takes place within the bounds of the school's more traditional programs and structures, including a network-wide grade-level scope and sequence. Given this, in-person learning is divided into two tracks. The first is a more traditional grade-level instruction, which students have daily. The second is an individual track, which is self-paced and dependent on specific needs a student might have.


ReNEW has a 1:1 student to device ratio, using Chromebooks. The teacher also has two iPads available for students. ReNEW allows teachers considerable autonomy in choosing software. ReNEW's Director of Personalized Learning curates a site to help teachers learn about and select the right tool for their needs, as well as access professional development and support. The school has internet connectivity of 400 mbps. 


ReNEW's math pilot blends self-paced learning alongside a more traditional grade-level scope and sequence.

Real-Time Data Use

Student progress is tracked against both individual and group goals. On the individual side, students work through learning objectives in a self-paced manner, reporting and sharing their own progress. The teacher monitors this progress and provides targeted support. Students request to demonstrate mastery once enough evidence is shown in practice. On the group level, achievement and pacing against grade-level expectations is monitored through network-wide interim assessments three times a year and quizzes every other week.


Teachers differentiate instruction based on student need. During self-paced learning time, students have choice over what objectives to work on and in what order, with whatever content, at whatever place, and with whomever they want. This level of choice is supported through norms and routines designed to celebrate growth as well as keep students on track and pace.

Mastery-Based Progression

Students work at their own pace through granular learning objectives, which are grouped and aligned to the Louisiana Academic Standards. Each learning objective has a playlist of resources as well as an IXL (online) quiz. Students work on the objective until they reach the mastery threshold (between 80-100%, depending on the objective). Once the mastery threshold has been met for all objectives within the standard, a student then records a demonstration on an iPad and completes a mastery quiz for the standard. Grades for the class are based upon demonstrated levels of mastery, and students can increase their grade by re-taking assessments.

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